Who is in The Bengal Room?

dav           dav

Let me introduce a few of us:

Swapna Mitra: “Namaste. Born in Kolkata, I grew up in North India. My father being army doctor, I moved from town to town – Vienna is the first city I actually settled in, meanwhile for over 40 years! In this city I feel the world is coming to me! Not only due to my work in the hotel branch… My mother’s roots lie in a village which today is part of Bangladesh.”

Neelam Cintury: “Namaste. I am from Sikkim, 22nd state of INDIA. I did my BA and MA from the University of North Bengal. Love Bengali food, culture and language.”

Nivedita Kumar: “Namaste. I am from Punjab. I found my connection to Bengal through my neighbourhood in India – my playmates, friends, schoolmates. Our next door neighbour was a Bengali teacher, she taught me Bengali initially. Hence, I developed affinity for this beautiful, lyrical language. It is often compared to French amongst European languages.”

Sabine Mahotpala Paal: “Namaste. I am disciple of Sri Chinmoy and I travelled to Bangladesh in 2012 in order to meet and organise gatherings with the Bangladeshi members of our spiritual family. To be quite honest, I had a hard time and don’t feel very enthousiastic about the cooperation between us.”

Sabine Rosenkranz-Frömmel: “Namaste. I am a teacher of Arts and Philosophy at Austrian Grammar School. I have travelled India a lot and I speak Hindi. I am interested to get to know more about Bengal.”

Zannatul Farhad: I am from Bangladesh and I organise cultural programs with Bengali classical and folk music and dance. I used to teach Bengali language at Vienna international school.

Farzana Farhad: I am in a team with my mother Zannatul to promote Bengali culture in Vienna. I give lectures on various topics and sing Rabindra sangeet with passion.

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